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 Sarah_Tacoma  Sarah_Hillock  Suzanne_Ernst  Aleksandra_R  Ann_Shier              Sarah Tacoma                        Sarah Hillock                         Suzanne Ernst                     Aleksandra Rdest                          Ann Shier

                       Five artists disclose their inner worlds. Their use of materials, luscious textures
                               and saucy drips, lend well to their name, ‘Femme Five Art Collective’. 
                          See the world through the eyes of these five artists who use historical and
                                              contemporary techniques of image making.
                                    The glowing skies in Suzanne Ernst’s mixed media panels;
                                          the pooled eyes in Sarah Hillock’s bovine portraits;
                    the details in Aleksandra Rdest’s abstracted enlargements of microscopic landscapes;
                                             Ann Shier’s airy textured encaustic compositions;
                                            and Sarah Tacoma’s photo-encaustic dreamscapes.
                               Working with layers to create temptation in the depths and details;
                           the femme five use materials in innovative ways to create alluring works.